Lane (2)

Lane (1)Boy, born October 2006
Bilateral hearing impairment, language development impairment

Lane is a shy, delicate and handsome little boy. His demeanor is really peaceful, and when he sees a stranger, he stands very still and does not talk. If you slowly come into close contact with him, then he will be very willing to communicate with you. Lane is skilled, his paintings are extremely good. Lane takes studying very seriously; after classes when he returns, he does his homework first. Afterwards, he will find a companion and play. He is also very sensible; he will help his home’s (foster care) grandmother with a few household chores. For example: sweeping the floor and wiping down tables. His daily habits are also very routine. He goes to bed at a fixed time, wakes up on time, and does not feel too lazy to get out of bed or sleep in. He likes to be clean and he will always bathe at a fixed time. The clothes that he wears are always neat and tidy. He is also never picky about the food he eats; rice, noodles, he loves to eat everything. He has a very small amount of food. He also gets along very well with children. Lane is also able to take care of himself: washing his face, brushing his teeth, putting on and taking off clothes. His imitation abilities are quite strong; if he sees words in a book, he will take a pen and will conscientiously study it and write it. His writing is outstandingly similar. Although he is deaf and cannot speak, he is intelligent, and he is a good child who takes learning seriously.


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