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Charlene (2)Girl, born July 2003
Down Syndrome

Listed:  November 4, 2014

This lovely little girl has Down syndrome. She is quiet, polite and likes to be tidy. In 2006 we sent her to a foster family for better care. She had great changes during the period in the family. She has built deep relationship the foster family and knows to care for her parents and people.

At the aspect of language, she can communicate with people. Sometimes she is slow in reaction, but she can express her needs.  At the aspect of cognition, her intelligence is the best among the children with this disease. She can recognize the things and objects in the daily life and knows how to do. She has no problems in study after repeat practice. At the aspect of sociability, she studies in the team, likes music and dancing, often joins the performance. She also helps other children and cooperates the teacher’s teaching. She is beautiful and lovely. We all like her.

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