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Harrison (2) Harrison (1)Boy, born October 2004
Epilepsy, hydrocephalus

Listed: November 4, 2014

Harrison is growing up happily in a foster family; he is outgoing and mischievous; when meeting guests he will say hello to them on his own initiative, sometime he will be shy. He can express his needs using words, can put on clothes and shoes and have a meal without help; he can go upstairs and downstairs without help and jump off floor with both feet. Hang is happy to help others; he likes to communicate with foster parents and when he is face to face with the strangers he is shy, and his head will turn to another direction or he will bow his head; he is slow in reaction. He has routine schedule; he can be getting along with children well; he is fond of reading picture books, listening to the story of teacher and watching cartons.

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