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Christopher L9

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born in  Dec 2001
psoriasis vulgaris, Hyperkinetic disorders, nonorganic enuresis

Christopher also has two half-siblings — middle half-sister, born in 2005, and a younger half-brother, born in 2008

Listed:  October 1, 2014
Christopher is calmer, verbal aggression in interaction is no longer observed.

In a relationship he tries to act nice, waits for praises. He likes making social contacts, has friends of the same age as he is. The boy loves doing household chores. Spends his spare time by the TV, likes cell phone games, sometimes plays with his little sister and brother. The boy likes inventing things, he has logically practical thinking. The boy has acquired knitting. He is in a correction class at the school. The boy does his homework in a prolonged school group, sometimes some tasks should be done at home though. He is not so good in mathematics, especially in solving math word problems. The boy packs his bag for school self-dependently, sometimes forgets something. The boy does his homework quickly but superficially, then characteristic phrase for him is “Everything will be fine!”. The boy needs control. He wants to be adopted together with his siblings.

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