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Kraig #29-10

guardianangelKraig_Sept 2015 Kraig2_Sept 2015Boy, 7 years old
Prematurely born with low birth weight; Infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis; ROP (Retinopathy of the prematurely born) with detachment of the retina in both eyes – second type, final stage; Amaurosis; Delays in the physical and neuro-psychical development.

Listed: September 2014

UPDATE from a family who met him in 2016: I spent a week with Kraig at the children’s home. He is very well cared for and loved by the Nannies, but they are so limited in respect for knowing how to care for a blind child and being able to provide what he needs. He cannot play with most of the toys because he cannot see them. He is walking VERY well. He has a very hard time when the room gets loud and he does self soothe by putting his hands on his ears and rocking. I believe with a good school/program he would learn how to live daily life as a blind person and be fully functional. He really wants to be loved. He would even let me put my hand on his head or rub his back. He would be a real Mama’s Boy! I would love to help find him a family and I will commit to helping that family fundraise as much as I possibly can.

Kraig needs a family! His most recent update shows he is doing worse than previously; he has started some auto-aggressive behaviors and autistic traits – which is not a surprise since he’s blind and doesn’t have a lot of stimulation and attention in his environment.

Kraig doesn’t talk but understands the speech of the adults, reacts to his name but not always, and pronounces accidental combinations of sounds. He doesn’t use non-verbal means or gestures to communicate. He likes to cuddle in familiar adults.

He laughs loud when teased and expresses positive emotions to interactions with familiar adults. When he is anxious, he exhibits auto-aggression. He cries form strangers. Sometimes he lives in his own world, does stereotypical movements (rocks), and refuses to carry out instructions. He becomes very restless in a noisy environment, when the tone of the voice is raised or at loud sounds (hi puts his hands on his ears). He has difficulties accepting new things.

Kraig tolerates close contact with familiar adults but doesn’t interact with his peers due to his vision. He walks with support and around unmoving support. He makes independently several steps but is afraid. He moves comparatively calmly in a familiar environment. He is terrified by the walks in the yard. He has good appetite and eats well but doesn’t gain weight well.

Kraig plays with musical toys. He likes to listen to music and songs. He claps his hands and is happy then. He prefers familiar toys and children’s songs. He has difficulties accepting new games and needs time to get used to them. He holds objects in his hands. He can play for a long time with appropriate musical toys – hits a drum and tambourine and waves with rattles.

Updated photos from Sept 2015 — the agency has videos available, too.