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nolan-jan-2017Nolan Photo 4 - Jan-2014Adorable Nolan was born in April 2010 and has Down syndrome. He also has a congenital heart defect.

Nolan is a sociable child who enjoys playing with toys. He can cruise along stable support and is quite a little climber. Even though Nolan does not yet speak, he understands instructions. He likes moving to music, eats well and sleeps soundly.

Listed: Sept 12,  2014

Update January 2017: Nolan’s heart defect has been repaired, though he will likely need a follow-up surgery in the future. He currently takes medication for high blood pressure. Nolan recently began to take a few steps on his own. He vocalizes some sounds but is still nonverbal at this time. Nolan does not interact much with other children or play with toys, but prefers to do his own thing. He does not seem to have a specific attachment to any of his caregivers. Nolan often wakes up screaming at night and has been prescribed meds for this reason.

Additional photos and personal information available upon request from the agency.

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