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Lana Photo 5 May-2013

Lana Dec 2015Lana Photo 5 May-2013Lana was born in June 2002 and has Down Syndrome.

Listed September 12, 2014

Lana is described as a very sweet, quiet girl with a beautiful smile. She is shy and does not speak, but she understands what is said to her and in her way answers questions. Lana can also carry out simple requests. Lana is obedient with her caretakers. She participates in games as well as group and individual activities. Her self-help skills are good. Lana loves to dance, likes everything pink, and is a very girly girl. She would thrive in a devoted family.

Update October 2014: Lana is a good girl who attends school where she participates in class and completes the tasks given to her. She is a very organized child and follows instructions. Additional photos and personal information available upon request from the agency.

Update December 2015: Lana’s caretakers are very happy with her. She understands everything that is said to her and even speaks several words now. She gladly goes to school and knows that she is in fourth grade. She continues to have a very sweet personality.  New video is available from the agency.

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