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Phillip Update 9_14Phillip (1) Boy, born September 2010
Post op heart defect, Post-op Cleft lip, post op hernia, cleft palate

Listed: Sept 2014

Phillip is an outgoing, active and independent 3.5 year old boy. He was born with a heart defect (had corrective surgery at 8 months), a hernia (repaired when he was 14 months) and a cleft lip and palate (his lip was repaired when he was 15 months). He is doing great now, with normal physical and intellectual development. Phillip loves to participate in all kinds of activities such as playing with toys, helping other children and sitting on his teacher’s lap. He can go up and down the stairs and knows how to feed and dress himself. Phillip’s fine motor skills are good but he needs to build up his strength in his arms and hands. Phillip can say many simple words and can recite simple poems and songs. He already knows how to count and can name many body part and foods! Isn’t he the son you’ve been searching for?

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