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Luken (2)Luken (1)Boy, born January 2008
right indirect hernia, congenital heart defect (Tetrolagy of fallot), ventricular both way shunt

Listed: Sept 2014

Handsome Luken is introverted and he enjoys listening to music and playing with toys. He is quick-minded and can be obstinate at times. Luken is now studying in the kindergarten outside of the orphanage. He rides the bus to school. At noon he has lunch and a nap at school. In the afternoon, he goes back to the institute. Every day, Luken is happy to go to school! When he gets back to the institute, the caretakers prepare milk and eggs for the kids and they are very happy. Luken’s favorite things to do are looking at picture books and doing puzzles. Could you be Luken’s forever family?

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