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John and Anthony #479

john-anthonyTrey TrentJohn, age 13
Diagnosis: Moderate delay in development

Anthony, age 12
Diagnosis: Moderate delay in development

Listed: Aug 2014 (originally listed as Trey and Trent)

John is a 13-year-old boy who lives in Eastern Europe. He is inquisitive and interested in many subjects. He has difficulty understanding the difference between “wants” and “needs” and relies on his memorization skills when learning. John has difficulty with concentrating and therefore, is academically below his grade level. John is mobile and energetic and enjoys soccer, badminton, riding his bike and skateboarding.

Anthony is John’s 12-year-old brother. There is data that the child has loss of hearing in one ear while the hearing in the other one is preserved. He has difficulties with carrying out constructive-technical activities, speaks simple sentences and often his words are unclear and incorrectly articulated and therefore, is delayed in speech and language development.

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