Eden Photo 1 May 2014

Guardian AngelEden (2) Eden was born in June 2007 and has been diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis with rotation and lordosis of the fourth degree. The position of some of her internal organs deviates slightly from the norm and some of her organs are a little smaller than typical because of her skeletal differences. However, her major organs appear to be healthy and working according to their function.Eden (1)

Eden’s gross motor development is impaired due to her scoliosis, but she does walk and run independently. Her cognitive development is said to be age appropriate. She speaks in complete sentences, recites poetry and loves to sing songs.

Eden would benefit greatly from proper medical treatment and therapies under the loving wings of a dedicated forever family.

From a family who met Eden in May 2014: Eden was our daughter’s best friend at the orphanage. Both girls loved to play together and share their things. While we had our daily visits with our daughter, we were told Eden missed her in the group. She welcomed her back with a hug every time and told her, “My dear girl, my best girl, I miss you.”

Eden is a very sweet child who lights up a room. Her ability to walk unassisted impressed us tremendously. She also appears to be fully potty-trained and her self-help skills are age appropriate. Eden makes conversation and understands what is happening in her environment. This lovely girl would bring so much joy to a family and we believe her medical condition could be improved through treatments and therapies in the United States.

Update October 2014: Eden has been moved to an older child orphanage. Her caretakers are pleased with her and describe her as a very smart girl.

From a family who met Eden in May 2015:

Eden is a spirited girl who appears to be very happy most of the time. Physically, Eden is able to get around well, despite her disability. She can go up and down stairs, do all her own self-care (so I heard/did not observe). On the playground, I saw her run, climb up stairs, crawl through a tunnel and go down a slide.

She is very tiny, about the size of a 2-3 year old and about 25 lbs when I met her. But, the orphanage doctor says she hasn’t had any heart issues, or respiratory problems and no hospitalizations. She is fully toilet trained (again, what I was told). Her fine motor skills seem mostly on target. She was able to string beads and learned how to open/close files on a computer.

Social and emotional skills are a bit of a challenge at times for Eden. She is very excited to see people and very affectionate. However, she can be strong-willed and sassy. In these areas, Eden seemed to me to be about 4 years old. Intellectually I heard she is bright but she is definitely several years behind same age peers, certainly in the U.S. She knew some colors and counting but is unable to read or write.

I am certain Eden would benefit by having a family, especially one where she could have a lot of focused attention. Aside from her medical needs, she would need assistance with academic skills and help learning how to be a “family girl.”

There are several hospitals in the U.S. that have the ability to surgically straighten her spine (by inserting rods that can be adjusted) to some degree (we were told maybe to 50 degrees/her curve now is probably 90-100). We were told by an orthopedic surgeon that because her internal organs are small, she won’t ever have full cardio-vascular capacity–this means she can tire out more easily than age peers, but it doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy playing and most activities other children like.

Additional reports, videos, and photos available upon request from the agency.

An agency grant of $2082 is available to the family adopting Eden after a successful registration trip.

$232.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!