starr40808183336 Starr (1)Girl, born 2014

Updated medical and picture 1/16: Her current medical file only has Down syndrome listed, she had two fused toes that were corrected and surgery for her duodenal atresia, nystagmus.

Relisted Sept 2016; originally listed August 11, 2014.

Old Info: Down syndrome, congenital heart defect (AVSD), duodenum atresia (post operative, multiple hospitalizations), syndactyly of hands and feet, valgus fee, unspecified brain malformation, delayed development

Updated pics 8/16! She is heavily sedated and needs out!

From a family who met her Feb 2016:  She is BEAUTIFUL. The few pictures we were able to take do not do her justice. She has the most beautiful eyes and is sweet as can be. She’s very calm and sweet and snuggly. She likes to be tickled. I wish I could somehow express with words how beautiful and precious she is. It broke my heart to hold her and not be able to bring her home. Please someone go get this sweet girl! She is in a very easy region to adopt from! She needs a family to get her out of the orphanage and let that hair grow into pigtails!

Poor girl is obviously drugged and needs out!

$9,525.15 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!