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Lyndon #475


Lyndon 475475_Photo_Jun11Boy, 7-years-old
Good general condition; delayed physical and neuro-psychological development; moderate mental delay; congenital anomalies syndrome predominantly affecting the facial area; pectus excavatus-while walking he slightly shuffles and rotates his right foot

Listed: August 2014

Lyndon has good overall gross motor skills development. He seeks help from an adult and constant interaction with the staff members. He has underdeveloped speech, but understands what adults say. He eats independently and tries to wash himself independently; takes his shoes on/off and undresses by himself.

UPDATE 2015:
Throws the ball with from below. He sits down and gets up from a swing. Fine motor skills are not well developed. He can hold the other children. Climbs up and down on the yard equipment. The child seeks help from adults andcontinuous contact with the staff. He prefers to play alone. Takes part in mobile and music games. Sings along with melody. Performs two-stage tasks. He understands when an adult is speaking. Indicates known images withoutnaming them. He makes sounds. The child has a poor passive vocabulary. He can scribble on a sheet of paper. Likes to examine books. He puts together two cubes of different color. Not able to play a role.  He eats alone and is trying to wash himself alone. He takes off his clothes and shoes by himself. On a verbal signal he puts his shoes on. He doesn’t regulate his physiological needs.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.