Francine Photo 2 March 2014Once upon a time, in the wild land of Montana, there lived a young boy named Chad. He grew up with two brothers and loved playing sports and exploring the mountains around his home. There also lived a young lady named Whitney who grew up in the land of Kansas, far far away. Growing up among the wheat fields, she played sports along with her brother and sister and helped around the house. Little did Chad and Whitney know, God had a very special plan in store for them.

Among many other pursuits, each of them learned to throw the javelin. Each having shown a talent for the sport, a college recruiter named Robert whisked them off to the exotic land of California where they met for the first time. Competing together for the track team, they fell in love and were married in September 2000.

They had many adventures together over the next years and moved to the land of Oklahoma, where they decided to start a family of their own. They were blessed with a son, Finley (now 6) and a daughter, Delaney (now 4) before moving again. They settled in the land of Missouri, a short journey to the east of her home land.

It was at this time that God started to open their eyes to the very special path that he had in store for them. He blessed them with another son, Grady (now 2). Now Grady would prove to change the course of their lives forever. He opened their eyes to a world that had been around them all along, but they had never truly seen. Grady, you see, had Down Syndrome. Grady, and this newly discovered world brought untold treasures and blessings into their lives. But God was not finished yet.

Over the next years, God opened their eyes to lands across the vast oceans that had countless children like Grady, that were without families. They were not seen as another of God’s precious children, but as outcasts. As mistakes that were not worthy of love and were to be discarded to the edges of society. But what Chad and Whitney saw were thousands of amazing children who had been made in God’s image, with his loving hand crafting each of them just as he meant them to be. Children, whose potential and gifts could be unlocked through simply giving them the loving family that they so desperately wanted and deserved.

One little girl touched their hearts and they knew that God was calling them to travel across the ocean to a far off eastern European country and bring her home as their daughter. They knew they couldn’t help all of the children, but they could give this one child a life and allow her to become who God had created her to be. But the ruler of this distant land would not allow them to come. They were heartbroken and pray to this day for the situation to be put right.

Time passed and Whitney continued to watch the children on Reece’s Rainbow, wondering when the time would be right. After being blessed with another son, Kelby (now 8 weeks), the day came when they knew. They saw another little girl, Francine. God gave them a peace that day, for she was the one that was meant for them. For that moment, all of the excuses, hesitation, and fear melted away and they knew that the time had come. God was calling them down this path, and they had faith that He would provide the strength, wisdom, courage and endurance to meet the challenges and obstacles to come. Only God knows what is to come for their family, but as this beautiful journey unfolds, they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

12/10/15—COURT DATE JANUARY 11th

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