photo fwbutton150.pngReed GirlsWendy and Jeff Reed have been abundantly blessed with 9 precious children, four born to them, and five through the miracle of adoption! Many of you are very familiar with the Reed’s last adoption journey to China in February 2014 to bring their son Joel home as well as their loss of their sweet daughter Sophia who passed away just days before they were to travel for both of their children. The Reed’s are so very thankful to all who were a part of helping to bring Joel home and were a tremendous support in their time of loss and grief. Jeff and Wendy are so very excited to introduce you to their newest treasure, Miss Talia Grace, and the incredibly amazing journey God has set them upon to bring their daughter home.

“Beauty from Ashes” has been a theme that has been entwined throughout the Reed’s journey to Talia since they first found out about this beautiful little girl, and from the very beginning of her tiny fragile life. Talia was born with a life threatening condition called biliary atresia that really has no treatment options in the area of China where she is from. Since surgery was not performed at an early age, Talia’s liver sustained severe damage, and her only hope for survival was to receive a liver transplant (almost completely non-existent in China!). Her story could have ended there in despair and ashes, but she was given hope when she was moved to a Foster Home in Beijing, China where she miraculously received a liver transplant. Talia has continued to recover and BLOSSOM from that life-saving surgery…a beautiful story of” beauty from ashes” only made possible by God’s intervention!

The Reed’s were originally in process to adopt BOTH Joel and Talia when they began their adoption journey two years ago. Talia’s adoption file was just being compiled and they were eagerly awaiting its completion so that they could adopt both Joel and Talia at the same time. As time went on, there were issues that arose that would stop all adoptions coming out of Talia’s region.

After a year into the adoption process, Joel had already been waiting far too long and the Reed’s had to make the heartbreaking decision to move forward with his adoption without Talia. The Reed’s attention was then turned towards a beautiful little girl on their adoption agency’s waiting child list who desperately needed a family that was traveling soon to come for her. Sweet Sophia had a serious heart condition that was inoperable in China and her only hope was for a family that was close to travel to come for her as quickly as possible so that she could receive life-saving heart surgery here in the US. The Reed’s wanted to give sweet Sophia the same opportunity for the hope of a healthy future that Talia received with her life-saving liver transplant surgery and so they agreed to move forward towards bringing precious Sophia home. Jeff and Wendy were just 6 days from traveling for both Joel and Sophia when they received the devastating news that Sophia had suddenly passed away. Their sweet baby girl had gained her heavenly Princess Tiara and was now in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

Heartbroken over the loss of Sophia, Jeff and Wendy clung to their faith that in time God would bring “beauty from ashes” once again. Our God is FAITHFUL and He did just that! Shortly after Sophia’s passing, the Reed’s found out that Talia’s adoption paperwork had been released and was finally moving forward again! It took a bit of time and a great deal of patience, but on May 30th the Reed’s FINALLY received Talia’s adoption file from their new adoption agency and submitted their request to make Talia part of their family!!! They have received Pre-Approval from China to move forward towards bringing Talia home, and so the Reed’s begin one last journey to China for their precious daughter! Wendy and Jeff are so excited to see the beautiful painting that God is creating from those ashes and are looking forward to having Talia home in their arms!

Wendy and Jeff invite you to follow along on their journey for Talia Grace, and covet your prayers and support as they work towards bringing her home! Your encouragement and support have been instrumental as they worked towards bringing each of their beautiful treasures home from China and they would not be here without YOU!



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