ONadia 2563Girl, 5 1/2 years old

She is extremely sweet and smart, and doing very well!!!

She has been diagnosed with: “Children’s Cerebral Palsy. Spastic quadriparesis, average degree” and shows very good potential for development. She has exceptional spirit and constant striving to prove herself, which is also stimulated by the foster mother.


Update August 2014 – This girl’s intellectual development has been progressing very well since she’s been placed in the foster home. She knows a lot – she asks questions, has conversations with the people in the complex. She is able to lead dialog with people and uses full and complex, meaningful sentences. Sometimes for people who are not used to with children’s speech is difficult to understand every word. But with the time when used to her pronunciation everything become more understandable. She has very good vocabulary for her age. Her speech still is not clear, mainly because her CP but we are sure that with more constant and daily work with speech therapist everything just will gone.

She has undergone four surgical interventions in connection with her cerebral palsy. Two of which were on her Achilles tendons, and two of her hip joints, in which she had implants put, because of dislocation of the joints. The last operations was in the middle of June so she is still recovering, that is why she is unable to crawl or stand up straight with someone holding her by the waist. Her therapy is gentler ever since her last operation. More operations are planned, because she still can’t overcome the abduction in her hip joints. Her upper limbs are less spastic than the lower once, her left side is better than the right one. She mostly uses her left hand while eating with a spoon, drawing or throwing something, she can hold the bowl with her right hand while eating with the left one. She tries to chew on both sides while eating.

She knew some English already! She counted to ten, then she translated words from Bulgarian to English: elephant, rabbit, dog, boy, etc. She counts to 30 in Bulgarian; she knows the colors and named them. She knows the alphabet, when asked with what letter begins some word or someone’s name – she says the letter. The foster mother told me that they practice adding and subtracting (and also her fine motor skills) at home with a bead frame.

She is a very beautiful, charming and sweet little girl, who has a lot of potential if she is given the opportunity to develop in a good and loving environment. She is smart and intellectual preserved, has the ability to speak and lead conversation with people, just needs a little bit more individual attention, love and cares that will help her to achieve more and more. She is able to learn a lot, given the fact that everything she showed me has been thought only in a year and four months. She deserves to have her own family that will love her and take care of her, she will benefit enormously from having her own home and family with resources that will help her reach her full potential and become everything she can. She is so radiant, smiled and positive child, who needs the chance to keep her smile on her beautiful face forever!

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

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