Ben and Sarah met in a college art class early in 1996. A snow day where no one else showed up and an assignment to look into each others eyes and make a facial sketch helped along their already emerging relationship. They married in June of that year and embarked on a happy life together.

Within the first five years, three beautiful boys joined their union. Days were filled with collecting rocks (and later finding them clunking around in the dryer!), long walks with the stroller, and exploring the greatness of life. When a daughter joined the family, her feminine touch permeated everyone’s hearts. Not long after, one more son blessed their home. They had never been busier, or happier.

But the daughter kept wondering where her sisters were. Her mother had promised that she would have sisters. Over 15 years ago, Sarah had been sent a sweet image from Heaven of two of her future daughters playing together, and this little girl was feeling impatient!

When the next pregnancy ended prematurely, and an emergency hysterectomy was necessary to save Sarah’s life, everyone mourned. What had become of the girls Sarah had seen? What about all of the feelings that their family wasn’t complete?

Thus began their interest in adoption. As they searched for the programs that felt right, they became discouraged. It seemed as though a loving Heavenly Father just kept telling them to wait, to keep preparing, and to trust Him.

Finally, Sarah was awakened one night with a need to view a blog she hadn’t looked at for years, and it reintroduced her to Reece’s Rainbow. This time, as she looked through the waiting children, she found one that looked just like one of the little girls she had seen so long ago. After years of searching and seeking, Ben and Sarah feel that they have finally located one of their daughters and the whole family is rejoicing!

“Sing unto the Lord; for He hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth!” (Isaiah 12:5)


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