Sally (1) Sally (2)Girl, born 2011
Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. Agenesis of right kidney.


Motor Development – she turns independently and many times from back to stomach and vice verse. She makes attempts to sit up on her own and when the upper part of the body is lying down on the slightly raised support, she is able to sit up without any help. She is happy from everything that she achieved alone and is looking for a suitable place to lie down and exercise alone the sitting. She moves in space by moving herself in seated position. She actively uses the opportunities for movement. The child shows desire for walking and held by an adult by the armpits, she walks with diligence, but she has no stable support in her legs, sank/drops herself, and holds her legs bent at the knees and wide apart, often raises her legs in the air and does not touch the floor. When climbing stairs when held by adult, she steps steadily on her feet and rotates them consecutively, stepping on the next step. When placed in a walker she moves by pushing herself with her chest. When placed reclining in front of adult, she exercise pressure with her foot on a cylinder module.

Habits – developmental age – 12 months. She drinks from a cup with adult’s help, feeds with a spoon given by adult, bites off but does not chew the food, she just sucks it putting it on her palate. She alone takes a piece of bread put on the table, with her lips. She shows desire for independent feeding and enjoys when the spoon is put in her hand. She reluctantly accepts when placed on pot, but more often performs her physiological needs in it.

Pictorial activity – 15 months. She alone leaves traces on a paper, holding the pencil with lips. She is happy of joint drawing with adult, with a pencil placed between her fingers.

Emotional-social development – developmental age – 24 months – with positive attitude, feisty. She shows initiative and independence. The child reacts with joy of close to her adult’s approval and with displeasure to ban, she is radiant, calm, and actively spends the awake time. She enters in interaction with the other children in the group.

Speech – developmental age – 21 months. She understands adult’s the speech, pronounces 10-12 words – sentences. She tries to connect two words in a sentence. More often expresses her reluctance for something, in verbal way. She makes transfer of her vision, received from the perception of real object, in the perception of the relevant image on the picture and identifies them – she names 5 images in pictures – ball, phone, cup, shoes, baby.

Update July 2014.
Yesterday we visited the little girl 2555. We are amazed by this little girl – she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever seen and at the same time she is fighter who doesn’t want to give up on the smallest of things! She is so full of energy and life! She is very smart and intellectually preserved, and mentally developing very well! Her potential is huge! I am honestly in love with this little girl! She made me laugh as she is really funny, smile with tenderness, and at the same time, I had tears in my eyes knowing that she still does not have a family to help her and love her through the difficulties she is going through. The orphanage staff helps her a lot and takes the best possible care for her but they can never be compared to what mommy and daddy can give. I truly hope that the family forever for little girl will find her very soon!

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