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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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ISABELLA for the Proctor family — UT

Isabella-smilingTravis and Angela have been married for 13 years.  Angela had three children from her first marriage, a 20 year old daughter, a 19 year old son, and a 17 year old daughter.  Travis and Angela have two little girls together.  A 9 year old daughter with Down syndrome, a 7 year old little girl, and a 1 year old grandson.  Travis and Angela are host home parents to a 19 year old boy with Down syndrome/Autism he has been with them for 8 years.  They live in Utah where Travis is a 5th grade teacher and Angela works with children and adults with special needs and their families to make sure they get the support they need at home and in the community.  Angela has wanted to adopt children with special needs since she was a little girl.  When their daughter was born with Down syndrome, Angela found Reece’s Rainbow and her heart broke when she learned about all the children that spend their lives in orphanages because they have Down syndrome.  Angela not only has a passion for adoption but for educating and equipping families in other countries with the skills and resources they need to keep their children home instead of placing them in an orphanage.  And also, training orphanage staff how to better care for the children with special needs in their care.  It has been a long  journey but they never lost faith in God’s plan.  Angela found Isabella on a China waiting child page and when she told Travis about her they both knew she was meant to be their daughter.  The Proctors are excited and grateful that they will be traveling to bring Isabella ho me the end of July/first part of August.


6/23/2014—TRAVELING JULY 23

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