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guardianangelbetsy-2016betsy-2016Girl, born late 2002
Slight mental delay, simple astigmatism

Listed: March 1, 2015

From a family who met her in 2014:  This young lady is very sweet! She is in school and just finished the 3rd level. Betsy likes to color, read, run, swing on the playground, and dance. When we were able to talk to her she seemed slightly shy but very calm and gentle. Betsy is articulate and seems only slightly delayed. She and my daughter hugged and cried when they had to say good-bye. Betsy really wants to come to America. She would be a wonderful addition to any family! I would love to share more with seriously interested families.

Update November 2016:  Here is a beautiful young lady who wants a family very badly. Betsy just turned 14 years old. She is fun, rather shy, very sweet, immature emotionally (more like an 8-10yo), physically affectionate, with some mild mental delays, has severe astigmatism that made her nearly blind (but since corrected with strong glasses). She was hosted this summer by a family in TX. We visited Betsy for 6 days while she was here. Betsy confided in our daughter that she did not want to go back to her country at all and wanted to stay here in America with a mama and papa and brothers and sisters. Betsy cried at the thought of going back to her internat (boarding school for orphans).

Yes, adopting Betsy would be adopting an older child. Yes, it comes with different expectations than adopting an infant. Yes, I’ve been there done that and would be more than happy to share the ups and downs of adopting an older child. Yes, I would adopt Betsy in a heartbeat if our house wasn’t already full.

Please, DO NOT turn away from Betsy. Please, pray about adopting her.

I KNOW what kind of internat she comes from…it’s NOT a good place. Betsy does have a few teachers who do care somewhat for these children. She does receive some schooling. Betsy needs out!

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