Sasha (1)Girl, born August 2008
Down Syndrome

Sasha is an engaging little girl who will be 6 in August, 2014. She is considered high functioning and is in a special class in the orphanage with a teacher who is working with a group of children with DS.

Sasha (2)

Update as of May 2014:
Sasha is outgoing and adorable. According to her teacher, who proudly told us that she is one of the most able children in the class, and in her group, she has very good receptive language skills. She can speak simple words, and she uses gestures to communicate her needs. I note that she initiated shaking hands with me, making excellent eye contact. She was smiling, sweet and friendly…a very pleasant little girl. She loves to dance, and she has a very close friend in the orphanage, a boy named Codey, who is the same age, and who also has DS. They were observed together and there really seems to be a strong bond between them. It was very touching to see them together. Sasha has been a healthy girl. We are told that she has no heart condition, and has had no surgeries or hospitalizations. She attends the special kindergarten class and is making good progress. Sarah is a very lovely looking little girl, with a sweet expression and gentle manner. There are videos of Sasha.

The agency has a $2000 grant available for Sasha.

$1,857.08 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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