Seff (1) Seff (2)Boy, born May 2011
Down Syndrome

Recently turned 3 year old, Seff is the definition of a BEAUTIFUL BOY! Seff has a beautiful smile when teased and a sweet giggle that comes out when someone is talking to him. When he was younger, he patiently waited for his bottle. He knows his name and reacts to being called. He has good head control and he can crawl and sit alone. Seff can hold his own cup to drink water and he can hold a spoon to eat food. He is able to stand steadily alone and can walk when one hand is held by a caregiver. His language development is delayed. Basic sign language would help him to be able communicate his needs at this time. Seff is gentle and lovely. He likes to be around familiar people and he can get along well with other children. Seff is willing to share toys with other children too. He likes going outside and building block towers. When there is nice music, he listens carefully. He enjoys it and it makes him very happy. Could Seff be your son? It’s clear Seff is going to make some lucky family so very happy!

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