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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Julia 2

Julia 1Girl, born March 2012
Down Syndrome

Imagine this precious 2 year old girl with a smile on her face. Julia is currently living with a foster family. She is not yet speaking, but she can express her needs by eye contact,gestures and babbling. When she sees her favorite toy on the desk, she will point to it while making the sound of ah ah, trying to get someone to bring it to her. When she is hungry, she makes the sounds of yiyi ah ah. When someone is eating, she might go to her/him with her hands holding onto the desk, and ask for food. She is currently still in diapers, but cries when she has a bowel movement and stops crying right after her foster mom changes her. Julia can stand up alone and can walk with her hands held by an adult. She likes to ride her toy horse and enjoys playing with other children. When there are children over, she rides her horse over to them and watches them play or follows them by riding the horse and chasing them in the yard. If her foster mom calls her, she will turn her head and walk to her. Julia is fond of imitating. When there are singing and dancing programs on TV, she wiggles and imitates the dancing. When her foster mom praises her by giving a thumbs-up gesture, she imitates the thumbs up! When people leave, she can express goodbye to them by waving her hand. Julia is a lovely little girl who would be a blessing to some lucky family! Will you be the family to put a beautiful smile on her sweet face?

$30.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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