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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Hester 1 Hester 3Girl, born July 2012
Down Syndrome; esotropia

What a little pumpkin Hester is! Hester will be turning two soon. She is diagnosed with down syndrome and esotropia. Hester was just moved to a foster family in January. She is a good sleeper once she is out, but she likes to play a little bit before falling asleep. Hester is introverted and quiet. She likes music, TV, and toys with sound- her musical toy car is her favorite! At 4 months, she could keep her head up and could grasp things and move them to her mouth. She also began to find other kids. At 6 months, she could turn over and could play with toys near her. At 7 months, she could kick her feet strongly, bounce on the caregiver’s lap, and could turn to the sound source if you called her. At 8 months, she could sit well, grasp things, and pat toys. At 12 months, she was afraid of strangers and could not walk.Now she likes sitting in the walker and rarely cries. She can make the sound of “mama” and “baba”. Occasionally she can call out “mama” and “baba.” Hester laughs loudly when being teased. What Hester needs most is the love of a forever family! Could you be her forever family?

$1.80 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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