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Alaric #25-15

Alaric 2015 (1) Alaric 2015 (2)Boy, born 2009
Down syndrome
Alaric has delays in psycho-motor development. Senses(sight, hearing) are preserved.

Listed: June 10, 2014

UPDATE early 2015:
Alaric was moved to a family style group home 6 months ago and has made significant progress in this new setting. He is now receiving more personalized attention from staff. While Alaric is still not walking, the director believes that this is due simply to his stubborn insistence to crawl, as he can walk while holding on to one hand of a caregiver. To help him become more independent, the staff introduced a wheelchair and Alaric has learned to maneuver the wheelchair to get where he wants to go. A physical therapist will begin intensive work on teaching him to walk in the coming months.
The staff reports that Alaric has become more expressive and confident since moving into the group home. They are working with him on learning self-help skills such as feeding himself and dressing himself.

Photos and videos from Feb 2015 are available through the agency.

Update Sept 2015
He is extremely energetic child, constantly in motion, keeping his attention on something for a short time. When he has some purpose, he is able to walk a long distance lead by hands to reach his goal. If he was sitting on the ground and nearby there was a support – he succeeded standing up without other’s help. If there was some distance to his goal – then he was crawling to the support (the wall in our case), after which leaning on the wall with his hands, he alone was reaching the desired object.

As to the food, having in mind his diagnose – Down syndrome and related with its physiological characteristics, he is chewing and swallowing with difficulty. Therefore he still accepts blended food – five times daily. He is fed by the staff but usually they “encourage” him to eat alone, holding his hand and bringing the food to his mouth. He drinks liquids with a spoon or with syringe. When served with a cup, he can hold it, but does not bring it to his mouth. He is usually biting the feeding/nursing-bottle. Otherwise, he eats/finishes everything, even very often when he is done with his food, he snivels.

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