Alaric 2015 (1) Alaric 2015 (2)Boy, born 2009
Down syndrome

Alaric has delays in psycho-motor development. Senses(sight, hearing) are preserved. Alaric can not walk alone, he bears a short distance, leaning on solid objects. He makes steps forward with the support from an adult. He can sit stable. He gets up holding something for support. Alaric reaches for toys and holds them. Tries to play with them for a while. Trying to separate the index finger from the other fingers when playing simple games. Sways to the rhythm of familiar children’s songs. Listens to speech. Pronounces separate syllables, but not meaningful words. Alaric can distinguish familiar from unfamiliar people. He reacts with joy to contact and quickly involves in the proposed game. He prefers communicating with an adult than playing with other children or handling toys. In an emotional aspect the child is calm, with a serene, cheerful mood. With regard to his physiological needs – feeding, dressing and undressing, hygiene, the child is dependent on adults.

UPDATE 2015:

Alaric was moved to a family style group home 6 months ago and has made significant progress in this new setting. He is now receiving more personalized attention from staff. While Alaric is still not walking, the director believes that this is due simply to his stubborn insistence to crawl, as he can walk while holding on to one hand of a caregiver. To help him become more independent, the staff introduced a wheelchair and Alaric has learned to maneuver the wheelchair to get where he wants to go. A physical therapist will begin intensive work on teaching him to walk in the coming months.


The staff reports that Alaric has become more expressive and confident since moving into the group home. They are working with him on learning self-help skills such as feeding himself and dressing himself. 
Photos and videos from Feb 2015 are available through the agency.
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