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Melaney #51


Blind, retrolental fibroplasia, microphthalmia, amaurosis, nystagmus and converging strabismus; Epilepsy – on treatment with Convulex; Severe mental delay; Delay in the neuro-psychical development.

Listed: Jun 9, 2014

She has good motion activity. She can walk freely and overcomes different hurdles. She is with very well coordinated movements. She goes up and down stairs alternating her feet. She has good fine motor skills. She has developed skills in her hands and the movements of her fingers are strong. She can manipulate with small objects.

She has difficulties concentrating her attention. Her imagination is not developed. Intellect: Severe delay in her intellectual development. The cognitive processes are being developed now.  She is emotionally unstable and with frequent changes in her moods. She is inclined to aggression and auto-aggression. She exhibits aggression towards the children around her without a reason. She calms down when she washes her hands or is showered by an adult.

The speech is underdeveloped – she pronounces several words/syllables. She imitates speech by using repetitive syllables and short words. This is her way of interaction with children and adults. The child partially understands what is told to her and orientates by the voice and the sounds. When an adult gives her instructions, she would carry them out if they are simple – she gives her hand for “hello”, waves “bye” and comes closer if called. She laughs if praised.

Sometimes she becomes irritable in the presence of strangers. She rarely interacts with other children. She doesn’t initiate contacts with them and sometimes is aggressive with them. She establishes contacts with the staff and when they ask her something, she understands. She doesn’t have preferences for specific members of the team.

She doesn’t have desire to participate in group games. She doesn’t show interest in toys. She is very musical, loves to listen to children’s music and very correctly hums melodies.  She doesn’t attend school. Specialists work with her by sound and tactile stimulation – through touching hoarse and soft surfaces and fitting in figures by touch and with help. She doesn’t know the colors and doesn’t have orientation for “small” and “large”.

The girl is oriented and adapted to the familiar environment by touching with hands and feet. She has difficulties falling asleep but has a calm sleep. She doesn’t have preferences for specific foods. She undresses and takes her shoes off independently. She drinks form a cup on her own. She eats with a spoon given to her by an adult. She can eat solid foods on her own. She can go down a slide on her own.

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