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VERA for the Bartelt family — KS

Vera BarteltTodd and Nancy fell in love 19 years ago while working as counselors at a summer Bible camp. They sang, walked and laughed the summer away together, and when fall came, they agreed that they hadn’t had enough of each other yet. So they “weathered the seasons” together for a year, and finally decided that they’d never have enough — they wanted to spend their lives together! A year later, they married in the middle of Iowa on a lovely June afternoon and today have three biological kids: a daughter (13) and two sons (10 & 6). Several years ago, those kids discovered Reece’s Rainbow and even watched as some family friends found and brought home their Ukrainian daughter through RR. And they began hoping and praying that their family, too, might grow through adoption. Time passed, and two years ago, Todd & Nancy decided it was time to step out in faith and start the process to bring home a new daughter from China. Finally, this past May they were matched with a spunky 17-month-old girl with hearing loss and big brown eyes, and suddenly the person they had dreamed and prayed about had a face, a smile, and a name: Vera!

Her siblings are excited to teach her all kinds of things, and the whole family cannot wait to welcome her sweet spirit into their home and hearts, sharing with her all the things they love: music, theater, hiking, biking, baking, camping, and most of all, each other. They humbly invite you to join them — whether by prayer, encouragement or contributions — in this slowly-unfolding miracle that God is crafting within their family!

7/19/2014—TRAVELING JULY 30
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