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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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DEBBIE for the Anderson family — MO

 photo fwbutton150.png30416141749Dane and Misty have been married almost 22 years. Their family has grown over the years, and to their great joy now includes 11 children! They never thought they would have a family so large, nor be the parents of two daughters with special needs. They traveled to Eastern Europe last year to bring home their daughters, both girls have Down syndrome. They felt God call them to father the fatherless, and although there were many unknowns they pressed forward and pursued international adoption. The blessing of adoption has flowed into every part of their lives. Both Dane and Mistys’ faith has grown, and their family had embraced their new sisters! Their house is full, full of love and laugher and joy! But something was missing. Even when all the children were seated at the table, they would ask, “Who’s missing?” It was Debbie that was missing! When Misty showed Dane her picture and told him she’d been transferred and needed a family soon, Dane felt she was theirs. Misty knew it too. They prayed and brought the idea of adopting Debbie to their children. Once again God moved their hearts and the children all agreed – she belonged in the family!

Now the Andersons are embarking on another international adoption, the third adoption in less than a year, the cost is monumental, and the paperwork and the stress is still there, but it’s worth it! They all feel it’s worth it, to save a life, to redeem a lost child, to make one less orphan.

Won’t you help them bring Little Debbie home? Home to a life filled with love, acceptance, joy, and of course fun!!


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog

$16,649.09 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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