BrockhausBefore Amy and Andrew had kids and went to bed nightly before 10pm, they used to travel the world and visit orphanages. It was there that they discovered the needs of vulnerable children and how even two young people can make a small difference for kids in need. Fast forward to now, they have 3 kids, a couple of them adopted from Russia a year and a half ago. These kids have made such a profound difference in their lives as they grew and experienced real love, that here Andrew and Amy are again, one more time. Although they have a fun and busy family life, they knew that they can provide a family for one more little one.

And when they told the kids it would be a little sister, they FLIPPED and talk about and pray for her daily, “Get one more apple sauce — for me LITTLE SISTER!”

She will be loved, she will be cherished. She will be read to, cuddled and eat a variety of home grown healthy food, go to the beach and have dance parties at home with her siblings. For anyone who donates to our little girl and helps us bring her home, we will love you forever. Literally.

5/14/15–COURT TRIP in JUNE 2015

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