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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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CARLIANA for the Rowan family — MS

Carlianarowan-carliana2014Carliana has a family that is trying to adopt her as quickly as they can, but they need your help. Their oldest child, Ana, always wanted an older sister, so for Christmas they hosted Carliana. Carliana is a true orphan that is 14 years old and has dropsy, or edema of the cranial cavity. She also has developmental delay and takes special needs classes at her school. Because her head is so large the edema has probably not been treated, and if left so could cause brain damage or even death. Because of recent conflict in her country, the family has rushed all the paperwork which has added additional expenses. Please consider helping this family bring their snow girl home!

This has been such a special story because the younger sister’s love for her new older sister truly will save her life. She was chosen because the girls look so much alike they could be twins, even having a beauty mark in the exact same place! They are the same exact size, the only difference being the color of their eyes. This is not the story of a mother wanting another child, but of a sister wanting to save her sister! Please help these two Ana’s with their happily ever after by giving to their adoption.

8/10/14—COURT IS AUGUST 14

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog

$373.45 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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