LexiGirl, born October 2005
Hyperextension of right knee/incontinent (possible lower spine issue)

Lexi is a beautiful little girl with such a sweet spirit! She is 8 years old, and has hyperextension of her right knee and is incontinent (possible issue with lower spine). She is able to “walk” with some assistance. Lexi used to sit and watch the other kids run and play, and she was so sad she couldn’t join in the fun. She worked and worked to find a way to get around! Lexi has had some delays but has excellent fine motor skills. She can take care of herself very well and is a smart girl. She has a best friend at the orphanage. Lexi sings while her friend dances. I imagine Lexi would love to be able to dance, too. She will need possible surgery and therapy on her right leg, and help with the continence issues. Lexi is a very loving and patient little girl. She is ready and waiting for a family of her own.

A family met her in country in 2015; they are willing to discuss her privately with families who are seriously considering adopting her.

$44.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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