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Marsha #4-62

MarshaMarshaAge: 8
Diagnosis: polymalformative syndrome, chromosomopathy and developmental delays. Right-sided neuritis of the acoustic nerves. Right-sided microthia.

Listed: May 2014

Marsha’s birth mother was just 16 years old when Marsha was born and raised her for 3 years. After several hospital stays, Marsha was placed in the orphanage. She has delays in all aspects of her development, but has been making steady progress since entering the orphanage.

Update 2015:
Marsha walks independently. She overcomes medium-sized obstacles, climbs up and down the furniture, and goes up and down stairs, leading by hands. She claps with hands, laughs aloud at tease, and smiles to beloved people from the staff that has sympathies to, goes to them and looks for their attention, touches them, turns her head, makes a chain of syllables. Her games are stereotypical. She comforts herself by rocking and rubbing her head against the wall. Marsha eats slowly and with appetite. She is not picky for food.

Marsha does not speak. She does not follow verbal instructions. She shows willingness to communicate despite her limited language skills and gradually observes tendency towards activity and initiative in nonverbal communication.

Gradually, with the help of adults Marsha is trying to master skills. She likes when special attention is paid to her. Her attention remains unstable, quickly distracted. Her emotions are not always adequate to the situation. She is interested in her mirror image. She cannot recognize herself in the mirror. Her self-control is related to the development of sense-motor schemes and abilities to be used their effects impacting on the objects. She does not regulate her physiological needs.