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Robbie # 29-11

Robbie_2014 Robbie2_2014Age 2
Diagnosis: Presence of malformative stigmas: short fingers and wide palms, lowly situated ears, projective forehead, sunken ears, saddle nose, and sharp chin; delays in development

Robbie has been tested for Fragile X and other genetic conditions in an attempt to diagnosis the “malformative stigmas”. All testing has come back negative at this time. Additional testing is currently being performed. He has mild developmental delays. He sits unassisted, pulls up to a standing position, stays standing and moves holding on to unmoving support. When supported by an adult, he walks independently. With respect of the fine motor skills, he holds toys for a short time, knocks with a block on another object. He explores the objects with hands and mouth. He rarely pronounces combinations of sounds. He listens to spoken language. He attempts to carry out one-step instructions with guidance. He is participating with interest in activities and games and cooperates with the adults. He holds the pencil and leaves pale traces on the paper only with guidance from the adult. He holds the spoon when eating but doesn’t use it. He prefers to eat more liquid foods by drinking them. He doesn’t have the patience to eat them with a spoon and can eat with it only at the end of the feeding. He puts blocks one on top of another with help. He fits in two toys on his own. He tries to repeat observed actions. He is calm when asleep and awake and eats with appetite.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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