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HydeBoy, born April 2010

Hyde is 4 years old and he came into care when he was only 2 days old. When he was found, he had a meningocele and it has not been repaired yet. When Hyde was just over a year old, he was crawling, stacking blocks, and taking blocks in and out of a cup. He could hold things in his hands and bang them together. He was also imitating words and trying to call caregivers by name. His caregivers say that he is energetic and that he loves to smile. One of Hyde’s favorite things to do is look at picture books. Now, he is able to walk, run, and climb! He is still using diapers because he has a difficult time controlling his bowel movements. Hyde is talking up a storm and can fully communicate with adults. He knows shapes, colors, animals, and the names of his peers. His caregivers say that Hyde is very clever!

$25.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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