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AtleyBoy, born July 2010
SN-Cererbal palsy and porencephaly

Listed: May 2014

Atley is an adorable 3 year old. He is always smiling and great at knowing who his caregivers are! When he was younger, he had a CT scan done of his brain and it shows that he has Left porencephaly. The doctors also have diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy. Atley is currently living in a rehabilitation facility to get therapies. He is able to walk while holding onto something, and can pull himself up independently. Atley can follow instructions, but he is not asking questions yet. His caregivers think it is because he is shy and unsure of his words. However, Atley can answer questions with gestures and sounds. His caregivers say that his cognitive development seems to be on target and he is doing great!

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