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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Simon (L)

SimonSimon LBoy, born Dec 2009
Down syndrome
post-op CHD, post-op Hirschsprung’s disease

Simon still lives in his baby home; if a family is found for him soon — they will NOT transfer him!

Simon receive special education, speech therapy and occupational therapy. He will need future speech therapy and special ed teachers services.

Simon seems to be a very peaceful child – no aggression towards other children. He plays with several boys and one girl in his group. He likes to play a lot with one older boy in front of the mirror as this boy shows what he learned at the speech therapist and Simon is joining him and learning with him. (Speech therapist a lot is working with the child in front of the mirror).

Simon seems to know not only his routine and what children shall do during it, but he is very sensitive to what is going on around him: I observed how he was helping one caregiver who is feeding a little boy: she was taking out the boy out of the crib and was carrying him on her hand and walking to the table – Simon  took a big chair and put it for a caregiver so that she does not walk for a long distance with a baby on hands. The care giver asked Simon to pull a chair towards the table and he did this.

Simon was helping the other caregiver to dress kids before we went outdoors. Simon was not only dressing himself, but he helped the caregiver to find the rights shoes for the other boy. Simon is very good helper as he knows all the shoes for all the children in his group. He understood that there is no need for rainboots as it was sunny and dry day (I did this on purpose and he was so good in understanding the instruction).

His play in the sand box was very calm taking into consideration that there was a girl of his age who was destructive and was kind of fighting with every child entering the sand box. He became very happy when we offered him an individual sand spoon and bucket and he found a quiet place and his play was correct: he was filling the bucket, and “baking the sand cakes”.

Simon is communicative, but he would do some things to get his attention in full from a stranger: he brought his whitle teddy bear which sings when the button is pressed and some lights are coming out. HE LOVES WHITE TEDDY BEAR. But in a music class he decided not to participate, but he was not distracting other children and was helping the younger one girl to sing and act correctly. He new all the songs and activities teacher was leading, but on that day decided not to participate and this was the way to get my extra attention.

Simon knows everything about floor cleaning and tools they need to use, can put a trash into the trash box, loves water. SIMON LOVES WATER; he was so happy when I asked whether he would love to play with water longer and alone. I said that I hope that one day he will be able to play with water for a longer time than usually now. I just hope, as this child is very very smart and he needs family and possibly an older sibling in the family, to learn from.

$122.85 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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