Zander updateZanderBoy, born 2009
Background retinopathy Microphthalmus of the left eye; coloboma affecting the iris, optic nerve papilla, both eyes. Asthma with predominant allergic component; Iron-deficiency anemia; general developmental delays
Update August 2014:

The pedagogue who works with this boy for two years, said that definitely there was improvement and progress in his development since she had started working with him. She said that he started eating transitional food and now is not eating from a feeding bottle; she said he chews well but slowly; he is calm while eating. He spontaneously pronounces syllables like “ma-ma”
He can push himself with the walker and he is doing a really good job in it. He really holds onto a toy when he has in his grip; he mostly bangs it on a hard surface or if he has two, one in each hand he bangs them together, but he really has his attention on them. When someone takes his toy or if he loses it, he starts to look for it. He can crawl really well, and in the instance that our representative saw him crawling, it was after a ball taken from him on purpose by the pedagogue. He was right after the ball and he caught up and got his ball back, which was very impressive, taking into account that he is diagnosed with detached retina. He can sit up straight holding on or leaning towards a fixed support. He can walks if he held by both hands – his legs still are a bit weak for him to walk all by himself, and that if it’s worked with him toward strengthening his legs he will be able to walk well.

The most surprising thing about him was that he could take a toy that was within his reach, without it making any noise. Apparently he has some vision left, the doctor in the Home said that he may “see shadows”, and that’s how he is able to reach for toys that are close to him. He seemed to reach mostly on his left side and with his left hand. He could detect toys from a big yellow bucket to a small red car, so he definitely has some partial peripheral vision left, no one was sure exactly how much though. Even the test that was done on him is inconclusive saying “following light?”. Otherwise it reads “Total detachment of the retina bilaterally. Retinopathy of prematurity fifth degree.”

He is a really cute boy who is definitely behind in all the areas of development, but he has the potential to develop a lot more. He is a blind boy, who otherwise is healthy. He needs more specific care, more patience and a lot of love to help him master tactile senses and some social skills. He needs people who will teach him to orientate in the environment. He is a good child, with very good potential. He needs more security and stability that only a loving family can give him. He is so young and can achieve many things! Having his own family who loves him and cares for him will benefit this child enormously.

Additional pictures and video available from the agency.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

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