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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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INESSA for Cody and Jessica — SC

40730092559 photo fwbutton150.pngIn spring of 2013 we saw some dear friends fall in love with a little girl in Eastern Europe and jump through a ton of obstacles to get to her. We were able to follow their journey and learn about the in’s and outs of international adoption. On October 15th, 2013 we sat in our back yard at our fire pit and had a life changing conversation. God had lit an internal fire in both of our hearts for orphaned children who were being treated appallingly. We started to pray about what we were supposed to do with that calling. In the mean time we started praying for one little girl at a time on from the RR website. We loved seeing her shared on Facebook, her FSP being bumped little by little, and the very best was when that little face was moved to MFFM. After praying for five little girls we arrived on girl number six- her grant never seemed to move, she was hardly ever shared on Facebook. We just couldn’t understand why?! All we saw were these piercing brown eyes and the innocence of a child. God has created her so uniquely and beautifully. Why wasn’t someone stepping up for her? And then one day that “someone” turned out to be us… As a woman, our hearts tend to melt first. When sharing feelings with the husband he listened cautiously. After three months of praying and asking God for clarity around this child and if we are supposed to peruse her, He has been SO gracious in making it abundantly clear to both of us that this little girl, this precious child is meant to be ours, she is supposed to be our daughter. So we are ready to leap, ready to step out in faith in knowing that God will lead us through this journey to our her. She will join our two biological sons who have been asking for a sister since they were old enough to talk! Please pray for our family and follow our blog!



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