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Gracie and George #


OGirl, born in 2007.  She has a delay in neuro-psychical development and epileptic seizures.

Gracie has been diagnosed with epilepsy and moderate mental delay. She is in a good general condition and has good general condition and well-developed gross and fine motor skills. She has formed self-service skills – she eats independently, arranges her clothes and keeps her personal belongings in order. She likes to be involved in art and musical activities.

Boy, born in 2005.   He has a delay in neuro-psychical development and mental delay.

The boy has infantile cerebral palsy and moderate mental delay. He rarely gets ill. He talks in simple sentences and participates in dialogues. He has good orientation in familiar surroundings and is not shy with strangers. He has built self-service and hygiene habits.

Listed April 9, 2014

Both children are friendly towards strangers and in the videos you will see them communicating with each other and with the person taking the videos.

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