Girl, born in 2007.  She has a delay in neuro-psychical development and epileptic seizures.

She is very sweet and charming girl, with very big eyes and eyelashes. She is hyperactive child, who can not stay at one place long time. When you want to attract her attention and she is busy with doing something else, she does not pay any attention to you. When she feels uneasy and can not answer or does not want to answer some question, she starts asking her interlocutor questions. Her speech is not so clear and even some words are not understandable and is more like baby speech. She has speech problem and at the kindergarten she works with speech therapist.  She knows her age. She recognizes some of the basic colors but does not want to count.  She is very self-willed and makes the things that she wants to. She is more aggressive and hyperactive than her brother.

Boy, born in 2005.   He has a delay in neuro-psychical development and mental delay.

The boy is older than his sister but he has more delays than her. He is in second grade in the local school in the village where he lives. Unfortunately he still can not read, can not solve math problems. Before his placement in the foster family nobody cared for his knowledge and habits. Now he can count to 9 (after 9 he says 11 ). He is a child who needs a lot of work in order to master more habits and knowledge because he has some potential.

These children used to live in their bio family but they were not well taken care of. They have delays but with more professional work and individual activities, these children can have better progress. They are adorable children who really need patience, love and care. They know the life in foster families but are separated because the opinion of the social workers is that none of their foster families could manage these two children if they are placed together – because they are not so obedient.

Because we only have their files for a short time, they will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for them.

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