Laura LLGirl, born August 2004
Cerebral Palsy


From a family who visited in October 2014:  “I visited my son’s orphanage today and it was so very hard to see those children left behind and the care they will get. There was one room with about 15 children who were blind, had CP or other severe disabilities. They were just in one room the whole day/night and just lay there. They weren’t held, just fed and moved. It made my heart ache for the little girl who has CP and has been on my mind for the past year.  She is 10 years hold, has no future in China and has been on the shared list for over 5 years.  Please share her photo, story and donate to help her family find her!!!  She is beautiful and deserves a future. ”


Beautiful Laura is said to like to read and play with toys. From her file.. “When meeting a stranger she shows timid facial expressions initially, but as long as the stranger smiles kindly to her and play toys with her, she will accept and share her joy with the stranger gradually. In a word she is an adorable and good child.” Laura’s lower limbs are impacted and she needs to use a walker to help her stand up and to walk. She can communicate with others with simple words, but does not speak loudly. Laura is quite independent and can feed and dress herself. At times she needs reminders to use the bathroom. This sweet girl has been waiting a long time for a family. Are you the family she waits for?

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