Preston 1Boy, born October 2009
Deaf, small birthmark in groin area

4 year old Preston will melt your heart! The director of the agency Preston is listed with has met him and just LOVES this child!! Preston is active, gets along well with others, is not shy with strangers, and is full of curiosity. Because of his deafness, he cannot speak. He can only babble. He also has a birthmark in the groin region. He is potty trained. He can follow directions and likes helping take care of other children. He helps pat the crying child’s shoulder to comfort him. Preston can get along well with other children. His favorite toy is a car. He likes adults to play all kinds of games with him and is very happy when they do. Preston will smile and stretch out his hands to ask for cuddling when he sees his caretakers and he has formed stable and close relationship with these caretakers.

$27.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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