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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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ARAN for the Bishop family — NY

 photo fwbutton150.pngAran (2)Aaron and Leslie have been hoping, dreaming, and praying for their child for the last three years. Initially, they started the traditional route of domestic adoption and opened themselves up to many special needs. Leslie is a special education teacher and Aaron’s uncle was adopted and has Down Syndrome. He has also worked with adults with varying special needs. They discussed their lives with children of varying needs and what they would be comfortable with; they soon found themselves open to almost everything in their grids. Eventually they were matched with a baby boy who was going to have Down Syndrome and they were overjoyed at the prospect. They made their travel arrangements and left home dreaming of bringing home their son. Unfortunately, the birth parents were not able to let him go and decided to parent. It took time and prayer to accept and to understand God’s plan and why that happened to them. The best part of that situation was the knowledge that they had an abundance of love to share and they were more determined than ever to find their child.

Aaron and Leslie started to look at Reece’s Rainbow and all of the children that needed homes. It was overwhelming the number of children that were in orphanages and they felt a calling that this was the way to go. It saddened them that these children were thought of as less than perfect in their countries and seemed entirely unfair at such young ages to go through so much. They started to research the different countries and requirements for each. Finally, at the end of February they saw him “Aran” and knew that he was destined to be theirs. Quickly, they began the process and were soon matched officially with him. It was a wonderful day when they received their Pre-Approval and knew that he would be their son.

Aaron and Leslie are completing their home study and dossier requirements in hopes of traveling in the fall of 2014. They continue to hope, pray, and dream of bringing their son home and sharing their lives with him through God’s grace.


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