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Brandon #11-44

BrandonAge: 10
Diagnosis: spastic diplesia cerebral palsy

Brandon is significantly delayed as a result of living in a neglectful situation with no medical care for the first 8 years of his life. Other children adopted from the same environment have made significant progress once they were placed in a family.

He had a tenotomy of the adductors of both pelvic joints in 2012. He can roll over and scoot on his stomach. He cannot sit independently at this time. He moves his head in both directions to look at things. He shows an interest in toys and reacts with facial expressions showing happiness when he is interacted with by caregivers. He responds to his name by turning his head when his name is called. He likes water and will hold his hand under the running water. He laughs out loud when adults play with him. He will reach out and hold hands with familiar adults. He eats from a spoon and drinks from a cup. He enjoys listening to music. When he is placed near other children, he will reach out for them and smile when they touch him. He has formed a bond with a 1:1 caregiver that works with him.

$1,503.36 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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