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graham-video-still-feb-2017-feb-2017Graham Photo 2 Oct-2014Handsome Graham was born in April of 2007. He is developmentally delayed, does not speak and does not make sounds. He seems to understand some of what is said to him. He may also have cerebral palsy or another disorder affecting his motor skills.

Graham is described as kind, friendly, smiley, and joyful. He is very active and enjoys participating in games. Graham can complete a task when you repeat the instructions many times and show him what to do.

Update February 2017: Graham attends a boarding school for hearing impaired children where he is learning sign language which he is using to communicate. While he does not speak, he understands most of what is said to him and generally follows the instructions of his caretakers. He dresses and undresses without assistance. Graham walks with a slightly unusual gait, but has no significant mobility problems.

Additional reports, photos and video available upon request from the agency.

Graham is in the same orphanage as Ashton and Nigel; these boys could be adopted together.

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