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Reese July 2016Reese was born in April 2007 and has an infectious smile and piercing blue eyes. Reese has been diagnosed with strabismus, Spina bifida and hydrocephaly, receiving a shunt shortly after birth.

Listed: March 7, 2014

He is able to crawl with assistance, but cannot sit up without support. He receives physical and occupational therapy which has improved his head control. He enjoys books, blocks and singing songs. He is able to feed himself finger foods, such as bread and cookies. His caretakers say he is extremely smart and has an extensive vocabulary for his age. Currently he is completely immobile, but would really like to use a wheelchair like many of his friends. Any family interested in Reese will need to be prepared for obstacles that may come with his diagnoses.

From a family who met him in December 2015: He is often very quiet and observant, very content to sit back and watch the action. He knows the words to many songs and recited prayers and seems to understand everything that is said to him, often replying appropriately. Reese is quite a handsome boy and could do so well in a family!

From a family who met him in March 2015: Reese is such a joy! He just laughs and laughs and loves to be a part of the other children’s laughter and joy. He even waved at me and blew me a kiss.  Reese is verbal, I heard him speaking some English as well as in his native tongue.  I was told that he will often start prayers and has them memorized.  Reese would thrive in a family that could provide him with the therapies and love that he deserves.  He really is a bright boy, but his physical limitations hold him back.

From a family who met him in 2014 and again in May 2015: Reese looked so much better this time! He remembered us and we hadn’t been there in several months. He was more interactive and his assisted sitting position seemed improved. He does great on his stomach and can raise his upper body and head. Reese sings songs with everyone and knows the words. He speaks in his native language, but can copy English words. With therapy and more medical care and a family, I think he would progress at a fast rate. His physical disabilities are out of his control, but he chooses to be kind, funny, loves to laugh, loves to be held and touched.

July 2016:  New photo and video available.

Married couples are given preference due to child’s court appointed guardian in this case.

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