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Callum Photo 2 Jul-2013Happy Callum was born in February of 2010 and has been diagnosed with “defect of urinary and reproductive organs, external auditory canal atresia of the right ear”.

His caretakers state that he is a very sweet, smiley boy. He knows his caretakers and seems to respond to them. He is a little behind developmentally but they think he will catch up with assistance.

Update from January 2013: After visiting with Callum in January, our agency representative had the following update. Although Callum has some issues with one ear, he is still able to hear. He can walk, but does not speak. He can hear and understand simple tasks. Callum is a very reserved, calm and friendly boy. He likes to play by himself rather than with the other children. He is also very affectionate and likes when people love him and say good things to him. He likes to have his privacy and when he is playing with toys he does not like when somebody interrupts him. He has a good appetite, but has his favorite foods; if he does not like something he will refuse to eat it, as any typical toddler does! Additional photos and videos available upon request from the agency.

Update May 2013: After visiting with Callum in May, our agency representative had the following update. Recently, Callum was taken for a medical examination. The result showed that he does not have one kidney and the other is small. But he is feeling not bad. He still is not speaking or trying to speak. He understands and makes his caretakers understand what he wants with gestures and expressions. It appears that he can hear something, but probably not enough to speak yet. He is playful and friendly as usual, but he loves attention, and if you do not pay attention to him, he may start to cry and become very fussy. He wants visitors to play with him, and if you play with other child he may go to the corner, sit there by himself and feel upset.

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