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callum-jan-2017Callum Photo 2 Jul-2013

Callum was born in February of 2010 and has been diagnosed with “defect of urinary and reproductive organs and external auditory canal atresia of the right ear.” Callum is able to hear. He was seen at a clinic for nephrology and it is expected that his single kidney will eventually go into failure unless he can receive appropriate intervention.

Callum is a very sweet boy and quite smart. The caretakers, teacher and orphanage director say that his cognitive development is on target. Callum walks independently, follows instructions, is interactive and appears to have at least some expressive speech. He can recite rhymes and use the hand motions that go along with them.

From a family who visited in August 2015: Callum is an adorable little pixie of a fellow. He is completely lovable and wants nothing more than hugs. He is very mild mannered and tends to go off alone and play with a toy rather than join the gang. He’s a love bug in a tiny package and very strong even though he appears so slight. When we visited we would pick him up with one arm and hold him a great deal. He is incredibly friendly with a smile that can bring you to tears. I am shocked he has not gotten more attention. He deserves it.

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