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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Mackenzie Photo 6 rec. 1-22-014Girl, born November, 2008
Cerebral palsy and congenital developmental defect (cleft palate, right sided syndactyly).

Due to Mackenzie’s difficulty gaining weight, she did not have an operation for her cleft palate, but with time it has closed on its own. As her cleft palate closed itself, she is now able to eat almost everything, and has started to gain weight better. She stands only holding on something, but is able to crawl and scoot around well. She is very smiley and likes to be loved. She knows her name and reacts to it. She seems to know the caretakers, but her reactions and the way she plays corresponds to a one year old child. She plays with toys; but when she sees something new, she wants to take it to her mouth first. She does not speak and does not make sounds. Additional photos, video and report available upon request from the agency.

Comments from a current traveling family: “While visiting with our daughter [in the same orphanage] we had the chance to spend some time with “Mackenzie”. Wow… She is an amazing little girl with such a will for life. She shows such determination in everything she does and truly lives her life not letting anything get her down or in her way. She is such a happy little girl with the most contagious beautiful smile. Her diagnosis does not define her and it is clear that she will live life to the fullest if given the chance. She loves when she is talked to, loves listening to music and embraces the touch of others. She is loved dearly by everyone around her while she waits patiently for her forever family.”

From a family who met Mackenzie in May 2014: Mackenzie is a sweet and loving girl.  She can now pull to a stand without assistance and cruise along stable support.  She is even able to wobbly walk while pushing a walker.

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