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GAGE and MILLIE for the Novit family — WI

Gagemillie2013This adoption is one that is just awaiting it’s fairytale ending. Colleen travelled in June with another family that was adopting and while there they saw the little boy that they knew as “Gage” every single day of visits. Gage had previously had a committed family when he was listed in the fall of 2012, but the adoption couldn’t be completed and he needed to be relisted, it broke their hearts to see him everyday and know he was still waiting, especially because he was listed at the same time as the 3 children that Colleen and her friend were at the orphanage visiting. She would see him in passing and know she needed to find him a family when she arrived home, never in her wildest dreams would she have believed it would be her though!

On Thursday afternoon, the second to last visit before flying home, they were leaving the orphanage and he was sitting in the lobby with his baba, it was with heavy hearts and high hopes that they walked passed him with a promise to find him a family. What happened next though, it made Colleen’s entire trip make sense. “We didn’t want to bring all our toys home with us, we planned to just leave them in the playroom but when we saw a large group of children with their babas outside, I knew I had to walk over. I walked up, and motioned to the toys and tried to hand them the bags. They wouldn’t take them, they insisted that I pass them out and give them to children myself, I was on cloud nine and feeling so blessed for this moment in time. A short time later the rest of our travelling party came over and enjoyed the presence of these amazing little blessings, very shortly after though, out strolls Gage…. We really hadn’t had much interaction with him other than admiring him in passing until that moment, I grabbed a ball and went over to him…. I bent down and gave him his ball, he reached for me, grabbed on tight to my fingers, locked eyes, and smiled the most gorgeous little smile at me. His baba loved him so much, I couldn’t understand the majority of what she had to say but she has A LOT to say about her sweet little “grandbaby.” Then she spoke words I knew well, “Nay Mama, Nay Mama” with tears streaming down her faced. I promised we would find a family for him, I stayed kneeling down with his tiny little fingers clutching mine for over 45 minutes, tears silently streaming down my face. I literally had to pry his fingers from mine, hugged his baba with an understanding and promise that didn’t need words, we would be back for him, we cried together and said goodbye. I skyped Dan from the hotel that night and all I said was “I met our son today” and he said “Then we better get started”, no questions asked.

Update:  The Novit family will also be bringing home Millie!!


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