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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Candace #450

Diagnosis: hydrocephalus and spina bifida (both were surgically corrected in the early neonatal period), club feet (surgically corrected; her gait has been stabilized with ortheses of both ankle joints), lower limb paraparesis, bilateral luxation of the hip joints, slightly delayed neuropsychological development.

Candace moves around mainly by holding onto a fixed or a movable support; uses a walker; does well writing letters and numbers; has steady attention, good memory and has developed logical thinking; rich vocabulary; reads syllables with some help; careful and diligent in the educational process; calm and friendly; seeks adults’ attention insistently; interacts with children.

UPDATE March 2014:
Candace is learning to walk without support. She is very independent & only requires assistance with toileting. She is going to school and knows her alphabet, numbers, colors, and is learning to read. She can work puzzles, dress herself, talk in complete sentences, answer questions correctly and participates in activities at the orphanage. She acts as a big sister to many of the younger children in the facility. She enjoys drawing, watching TV and playing with dolls. She says that her favorite subject in school is math. We have several photos and videos from March 2014 of Candace.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.

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